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Comparison among different sub-groups of your employees can help identify which groups are performing better than others. The 2009 updates identified strong and consistent evidence for establishing subgroup norms for Job Level, Age, and Education, each of which are included.
Job Tenure and Manager/Non-Manager Status also demonstrated evidence that justified establishing subgroup norms, but not as strongly as the other demographics. Manager Status is also included with the norms given the popularity of this breakdown.
In addition to the four sub-groups / norms included with each administration, we also offer the option of including custom breakdowns. For example, additional sub-groups might be based on location, function, or product line to determine whether respondents are more or less satisfied than employees in another location, function, or product line.
"[The study] was an enormous success from management's perspective. The services offer invaluable tools to let upper management within any organization get a feel for the true pulse and heartbeat of its life blood, which of course is its employees."
"The nationwide benchmarking lent a great deal to the context and validity of responses. We recommend Amplitude Research for price, user-ability, service and reporting."
"We were very impressed with the survey process and were impressed with the high number of employees that completed the survey, which indicates that it was employee user friendly."
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