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BGSU began development of the Job Descriptive Index (JDI) in 1942 led by the efforts of Dr. Patricia Cain Smith. Her development of the JDI and Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) are recognized as landmark contributions to the improvement of applied research and practice.

Here is what HR Magazine says:
"Amplitude Research, Inc. has online software tool that gives businesses an innovative and effective way to measure employee job satisfaction....
The nationwide benchmarking function can provide employers a clearer picture of their workforce's attitudes and pinpoint key issues and concerns that human resource managers may need to address."
- November 26, 2006
The Job Descriptive Index (JDI) and Job in General Scale (JIG) underwent a comprehensive review and update in January 2009. A total of 1,485 working adults participated in the update, and participants were representative of the U.S. working population on key variables such as age, education, and tenure. This update was a collaboration between Amplitude Research and the industrial/organizational program at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) - - a leader in creating normative scoring indexes to measure employee job satisfaction. This review resulted in minor changes in some of the questions comprising the indexes, update of the nationwide norms, and the creation of completely new industry group norms. The industry group norms are exclusive to Amplitude Research.

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"[The study] was an enormous success from management's perspective. The services offer invaluable tools to let upper management within any organization get a feel for the true pulse and heartbeat of its life blood, which of course is its employees."
"The nationwide benchmarking lent a great deal to the context and validity of responses. We recommend Amplitude Research for price, user-ability, service and reporting."
"We were very impressed with the survey process and were impressed with the high number of employees that completed the survey, which indicates that it was employee user friendly."
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